Two Kids Go e-Book

Two Kids Go To Japan Free e-Book


Two Kids Go To Japan is a short illustrated, interactive e-book to get young children excited about travelling to Japan. The two main characters, Lil Boy and Lil Girl travel to Japan with their parents and have an exciting whirlwind tour of the country, along with their new friend Yoko.

For ages 3-10, the book can be read to younger children, or for those children with good reading skills, can be read alone.

The active links in the book take the reader to real-time information about the topics covered in the book. 

This book is to stimulate children's interest in Japan, so be prepared for a lot of questions! 

This book is not a guidebook or a "what to do" book, and the links only will work when the device the ebook is being read on is connected to the internet.

Two Kids Go to Japan e-BOOK is free to download with every bag purchase.

Also included with every bag purchased is a glossary explaining some of the icons and motifs illustrated on the bag. Our bags were designed and made in Japan so you'll be educating your kids in an authentic and correct way. 

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