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All About “Two Kids Go” and the E-book “Two Kids Go to Japan”


Hi, I m Glenn Brown, a dad, a New Zealander, an educator, and a long-term resident of Kobe, Japan. My own two kids have grown into young adults now and as a result, I have more time to share everything which is great about Japan – especially for families with young children who are already living in Japan or thinking about visiting here.

“Two Kids Go to Japan” a free e-book

The internet has become a great way to share information and to educate people, and one of the things I thought I could try to do was find a way to engage younger children’s imagination and spark their enthusiasm for Japan. As an educator, I find that if my students are really engaged and interested in a topic, the more they want to know. So out of this idea came the free e-book, “Two Kids Go to Japan”.

The concept of this book is for parents to read the book with their child, and make the idea of visiting or living in Japan seem like more of an adventure. By including interactive live links in the e-book the young readers and their parents can see what they are reading about in the e-book is, in fact, real, and the links will help them get there. Seems to be working so far with close to 1400 downloads.


“Two Kids Go” Messenger Bags

After getting the e-book up and away I thought about what I could do next with these characters. So we created the “Two Kids Go” Messenger Bag

There are many great souvenirs and gifts in Japan, but I wanted to try and turn the souvenir into a learning experience. I also wanted to make sure the souvenir would be of high quality, could actually be of practical everyday use, and not just a novelty item. So in conjunction with a talented young artist, I designed the various Japanese motifs found on the bag, taking the characters from the e-book and the places they visited in the e-book as inspiration. Then in collaboration with a local bag maker (another New Zealander!) we made them into these wonderful handmade messenger bags. Each bag is sold with an information sheet inside explaining what exactly is printed on the bag, and the Japanese names for the motifs.

You can purchase bags directly from this website. Online payment is through PayPal. Worldwide Shipping.


Two Kids Go Messenger Bag